We have a tremendous selection from Fine Art sculpture made by world class artists to large scale Garden recasts which can safely coexist with others in your own backyard. Artists include Carl Paul Jennewein among many others. Do scroll down to see the selection (please note, double click thumb nail images to download higher resolution digital photographs):

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Carl Paul Jennewein (1890-1978), Mimi, circa 1922, Kiln fired Bisque, 9-1/2 by 5 inches $8,500

Porcelain Nodders, Hand painted, Chinese imports circa 1870, 7 by 7 inches

Neptune Fountain, metal, 43 inches high by 51 inches across by 60 inches out

Triple Cherub Fountain, 54 inches high by 21 inches wide

Courtyard Fountain, 70 inches high by 50 inches wide

Grecian Bird Bath, 34 inches high by 13 inches wide

Watchful Sentry, 24 inches high by 7 inches wide

Whippet, 34 inches high by 10 inches wide

Classical Cherubim, 50 inches high by 18 inches wide

Whispering Angel, 57 inches high by 14 inches wide

Lion's Head Fountain, 52 inches by 24 inches

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